The Sovereigncy is quickly closing in on the end of Volume One, and the volume will end on strip 100. That’s a huge number, and roughly 2 years of continuous work. And we’re super excited, already have the next volume in the early writing stages and a bonus for the inbetween period that we’ll announce later.

But it got us thinking.

100 is a big number in comics. And it’d be awesome if we managed to get our Facebook page to 100 followers/likes at the same time. We’re actually not that far off, sitting on 70 at the moment. We think it’s totally doable. So we’re starting a drive to 100! If you haven’t followed us yet its simple! To the right of the site there’s a simple quick link with our logo and a button to take you to our Facebook page. You all know how it goes from there.

Why like?

You’ll get links to every new comic AS they go up, no waiting. News posts, videos, The Sovereigncy, The C-Files, everything.

You’ll also get some art that is only posted on Facebook

As well as little snippets from life at The Mill here and there. What we’re working on next etc.

It’s a great and easy way to follow us, keep track, and help us grow.

If you’ve already liked us, share the page! If you haven’t yet followed us, give it a click! Help us get those last 30 likes! WE can do this!

Also, in case you missed it:
The Sovereigncy: Saturday a new strip went up, and we got some kissing going on as Nate and Maris catch up after the debacle with the bomb Strip 97 right here
The C-Files: went up fresh and new Friday! Agent’s Bulder and Sully are hot on the trail of a missing boy. After hearing screams they come face to face with the culprit Strip 7