Well this weekend was huge for us. We launched our second webcomic The C-Files on Friday, and tweaked a few things on the website. All in all though, TWO comics! Up and running! And more on the way.

So from now till the end of the season, you get a C-Files every Friday! We started with 6 strips to help give you a feel for the strip, and cut down to one a week from now on. But there will be extra goodies along the way.

The Sovereigncy is still going strong and running fast to the conclusion of Volume 1. It’ll end on strip 100! And as a nod to that we think it’d be awesome to reach 100 Facebook likes for the company by the end of the volume. So we’ll need your help in recruiting followers there. Like everything we do, we need you guys to help us grow. So share our Facebook, encourage followers, and really though just share the comics because you like them and want to share the enjoyment. That is what comics are all about in the end.

We’re excited, super excited for the future and everything we have planned for you. Amazing things are ahead so stick around and watch us grow!