And a happy beginning of the week to you all!

Today is just a friendly reminder of what all’s going on here at The Mill. Our flagship webcomic is on it’s way to wrapping up its first volume and all heck is breaking loose. Missa and Saren were betrayed by Carus, unknown amount of Arx’s are strung up and attached to a bomb of some sort that Nate just altered and set off. Things be a happening! And never fret now is still a good time to get started reading The Sovereigncy if you haven’t yet. Lots to read to keep you entertained through the week until the next new one comes out on Saturday.

Also we’ve announced our second title, The C-Files. A webcomic drastically different from The Sovereigncy, but oh so fun. We’re more than halfway done with its production and conservatively are looking to post the first strip sometime in July. But you won’t have to wait the whole time as there are more promotional images that’ll be released along the way.

We’re also working on making stuff for you to have! Namely a series of prints at the forefront and we welcome ideas for what other kinds of merch you guys would like to see us produce. Which brings us to the biggest part of this post. Sharing! The Mill is growing, we’re producing more and knuckling down on other aspects of the company. But we still need YOU to help us grow. We’re fledgling and rely on our friends, family and fans to spread the word about Near Mint Mill.

So interact with us! Tell us what you like, what you want, share ideas on how to grow. And most importantly SHARE the Mill with your friends! Talk us up, share posts, strips, news, any and everything!

We’re here for you guys, to entertain, bring a bit of joy into the workday, and thank each and everyone for every pageview and support. You guys are awesome