So what are we working on lately and all that stuff?

Well mostly we’re working on expanding our webcomic library! Yup, while The Sovereigncy is plugging along, and continues to go up EVERY Saturday, we’re also working on production of several new comics for your enjoyment. Because the Mill isn’t going to just be a one trick pony, we are a webcomic company, aiming to create, develop and deliver a range of quality webcomics.

On that note we are currently, actively working on a couple of comics we plan to bring to you this year, outside of The Sovereigncy. One of which has three strips drawn and being colored, the other is several strips written and a fantastic artist is getting set to do some character sketches before tackling the story. We also have two to three more with some script written. And they all range from comedic, to sci-fi, to fantasy. There will be something for everyone!

Outside the webcomic side, we’re also working on some prints and bonus images and new features for the site. We’re doing all we can to grow and give you all something to enjoy. But we still need your help! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, vote for us on Top Webcomics, and by all means feel free to just talk to us! We love and need feedback to grow and improve.

So stay tuned great things are coming!