Happy or at least tolerable Monday everyone!

This week isn’t so much about any news but rather you guys. We want to hear from you! Starting a company and a comic are often isolating things to do. They take up pretty much all of your time and at times you feel pretty alone, even with a partner. While being two against the world is invigorating at times, and develops your resolve to succeed you do begin to crave interaction. And feedback.

So drop a line, here or on Facebook. Let us know how we’re doing, what you enjoy, what you want to see. Throw ideas at us at how we can be better, how we can spread the word about the Mill. Or just plain chat. We’ll take that too! We sincerely appreciate the likes and share’s on Facebook. You have no idea how much. Keep it up! But also take a minute or two to talk to us, help us grow in every way!