Well it’s that week again. The lead up to the day you either love or loathe. Valentine’s day. If you’re a couple, you probably enjoy it, and are busy making plans, buying stuff and are skipping through the week waiting for it. If you’re single you’re most likely trying to ignore it. Or are planning an anti-Valentines day day.

Either way the day can be hectic and the week leading up to it stressful. Lots of memories, self-doubts, worry about doing things right. But that’s why we’re here. To ease the pain and offer if even only momentary relief. Because that’s what comics do. A wonderful escape from the day where you can spend time in another place. Another world, another situation.

We create comics because we care.

And this week The Sovereigncy is new on Saturday. Just in time to offer sweet distraction. So whether you’re single or taken, take a moment this week to absorb yourself in another world. Allow the time to transport yourself from the week to read a comic.