That’s it! The Sovereigncy marathon has ended. We went through every single strip day by day since the site opened and it all ended with a brand new Sovereigncy posted Saturday. Which also marked the very first time a new strip had been put up right here at The Mill!

So we want to thank you all for sticking with the marathon, our daily potentially annoying posts of the strips on our various social media accounts and overall support since we launch. Every view, every like, every share and every sort of encouragement has meant a lot to us and we appreciate it all. And hope and pray it only grows as we move forward.

The marathon’s done, so now what?

Well all the NEW Sovereigncy strips will be posted here from now on. Still every Saturday as always. Also start looking forward to a new webcomic that we’re developing and are super excited about. Several strips have been written and we’re working on the look and feel of the strip right now. So stay tuned!