This is a mad rush week, parties, shopping, running countless errands before Christmas next week. It puts a strain on life, and get everyone a little on edge as we spend the week more and more focused on our own worlds, trying to get them all in order.

Well, we here at the Mill want to help ease even a little of that strain and stress in your life. It’s important to keep a balance, to take time out of the day or week for yourself, to unwind and just breathe.

Our solution?

Stop the chaos and spend a little time in a world we created for you. Take five to ten minutes, or even more. And while we only have one at the moment, read a webcomic. Just lose yourself to that world for a bit. Enjoy the characters, re-read to see the little bits you didn’t realize before. And CHAT. Comment, leave a message, start interaction. We always reply so start the ball rolling! Just take a break with us. We are a community here at Near Mint. One that doesn’t require presents.