So we’ll try and get you a news and all around general update on all things Near Mint at the start of every week, this being our first one (yay).

It’s been one whole week since we went live, and The Sovereigncy marathon is plugging away. We have a long way to go, releasing a strip a day for a couple months until it’s all caught up to the most recent. For those of you who may not know, our flagship webcomic The Sovereigncy is closing in on 60 strips long and has been running for over a year over at Deviantart. And with the start of our site, we are in the process of transferring the comic here. Choosing to do so in the form of a marathon instead of just dumping the load in one go.

We are still releasing NEW Sovereigncy strips every Saturday on Deviantart, and will until we’re all caught up here at the Mill. Speaking of, a new strip went up Saturday and along with this one Cross made a video of the progress on making the strip as she’s known to do from time to time. The video just went up on our company Facebook page: found right here