Several years ago I had a vague idea of a company I wanted to create somewhere on down the line. Way way down the line, or so I thought. Basically all I knew was that I wanted a comic company, then landed on the most financially feasible idea of it being a webcomic company. At the time all I had was a name, and a vague concept. Then a little over a year ago it became more, a lot more. It became real. Ideas and concepts started flowing, many became realized, and others looked a lot more likely and less far and away as they had before.

Kris and I started doing The Sovereigncy as a time killer and creative outlet for when I was between projects. Needless to say it wasn’t long before the idea of a company I had before started to look much more inviting and the way to go. And by some miracle, thank the Lord, Kris wanted to partner with me in this crazy idea. And here we are.

So how will this work?

Basically Near Mint Mill will produce webcomics in a similar manner as printed comics. We get a story, find a team, develop and make the webcomic, then post them for you all to enjoy. These are mainly passion projects, passion stories, that will all eventually be available to purchase as a collected download. And Lord willing printed versions as we become capable.

While we embrace our flaws, we do strive for as close to perfect as we can get. We are also very open. This isn’t just Kris and my journey, it’s all of yours. You support us, you’re a part of us, and we want to share our growth, our struggles, our developments and our stories with you. Everything is a work in progress, and we welcome help and advice, and as you stick with us you’ll see every step we take as the Mill becomes a force. You are a part of us, a part of the Mill, so let’s watch this place grow!

~ Cross