Alexandria Capital of Rawlesca. Literary capital of the world.
Alya Current Rhonyx of the Church and daughter of the First Rhonyx.
Ancients/Makers Terranoid, physical embodiment’s of Chaos, Order, Light and Dark.
Archon A group of nine Sa’rinians that answer to the Consuls and Royalty. They command the Sa’rinian people in military matters.
Arthus Capital of the Federation.
Arx An individual from a race that has been bestowed with immense power based on the hopes and dreams of their people.
Avador Capital of Scythera
Chaos The swirling mass of energies to exist before the universe took shape.
Consul A group of five Sa’rinians that answer only to the Royalty. They typically help make civic decisions in relation to the Sa’rinian people.
Corora The Sa’rinian Royalty associated with Light. Typically the lover of the Dark Arx and mother to the next Seraph. Can be chosen from anyone on Terra.
Crypasis A government department in the Federation that is focused on finding and utilizing methods of ancient magic in the modern age.
Daiki The Arx for the Kryt race.
Dalor A country north of Scythera. They maintain a rocky relationship due to grievances of old.
Dark The primordial entity.
Dark Arx The Sa’rinian Royalty associated with Darkness. The Dark Arx is passed down from father to son.
Def’lin A short, stout race. Known for their metal work and living in mountains.
Devarians A heavy mineral based race that has granted them a limited exoskeleton of natural metals.
Division One Top military unit of the Church.
Draconis The Sa’rinian Royalty associated with Chaos. Typically the lover of the Seraph and father of the next Seraph. Can be chosen from anyone on Terra.
Echo SAINT squad assigned to the Rhonyx
Executive Order A decision made by the Royalty that is passed down through their connection to the rest of their race to be carried out.
Falcon Larger air transport craft
Federation A government created by an agreement between Devarians, Kryt and Nef’talin.
Federation Council A group of six individuals from the three founding races of the Federation. They advise the Federation President
Federation Palace Principle work place of the President of the Federation.
Halo Capital of Canazar. Former capital of the Canazian Empire
Hawk Smaller air transport craft
Honours Title bestowed upon the group of leaders of the Nef’kalim.
Inquisitors Highly trained Federation Task Force designed to police those Federation citizens with advanced abilities. Each fire team consists of one Devarian, Kryt and Nef’talin.
Justicar Highest ranking Church of the Alignment position after the Rhonyx.
Knights Twelve individuals of exceptional skill that serve the King of Scythera directly.
Kryt An intelligent, terranoid, plant based race. They draw their magic from a natural force they call the Source.
Lazari A secret project of the Church.
Light Essence that was spawned as a result of the Dark to allow Order to see Chaos.
Nef’kalim A terranoid race with long pointed ears. Skin and hair ranges from purple to black. Their magic is drawn from a stellar, universal force they call the Nexus.
Nef’talin A terranoid race with long pointed ears. Skin and hair ranges from golden to red. Their magic is drawn from their emotions and inherant power of their race.
Nexus A universal force that is based on the flow of the stars and other celestial bodies.
Nova Capital City of the Nef’kalim. Neutral ground from all other governments.
Order Essence that brought structure and balance to the entities before it. Thereby creating the known Universe.
Oskelia A country controlled by the Church. One of the most northern countries on Terra.
Paladins Special forces of the Church of the Alignment
Primarch The Arx for the Devarians.
Raniv A group that opposes the Church.
Raven Industries From the mind of Rayne Evans. A research and development company focused on bettering the lives of those on Terra.
Rawlesca A neighboring nation and long time ally of Scythera. Until recently it’s ruler has been that of the Seraph. One of many countries ruled directly by a Sa’rinian.
Rhonyx The head of the Church of the Alignment of Souls.
Royalty The four Arxs of the terran looking race known as the Sa’rinians.
Sa’rinians A near terran looking race. Their origins and purpose remain a mystery. A connection between all Sa’rinians enforces a strong sense of responsibility towards the race.
SAINTs Highly trained Sa’rinians. A squad of four that is tasked with the most dangerous and secretive missions. Regardless of what country they are based from they answer to, they truly serve the Sovereigncy.
Salara A large, toxic, wingless dragon.
Scythera A nation that cemented itself in the modern world by focusing on maintaining the Arcane Arts. One of many countries ruled directly by a Sa’rinian.
Scytherian Palace Principle work place and residence of the King of Scythera. Most secure building in Scythera.
Sekran The Ark for the Nef’talin race.
Seraph The Sa’rinian Royalty associated with Order. The Seraph is passed down from mother to daughter.
Source A universal force that is based on the flow of life between all living things.
Sovereigncy The political body ruled by the Royalty.
Stellar Fountain A pool of mystical waters at the top of the mountain at the center of Nova.
Terra The planet on which the Sovereigncy currently takes place.
Terrans The most popular race on Terra.
The Bank Scytherian government facility used to store any manner of things in it’s vaults. Second most secure building in Scythera.
The Church of the Alignment An organization that arose with the belief that everything exists in a balance. It is the dominate organization of Faith on Terra.
Trinity A city divided into three sections. Each section caters to a particular vice where that vice is legal within the walls of the section.
Veras The Arx for the Nef’kalim race.
Volkan The Arx for the Def’lin race.
Weaver Nef’talin focused on manipulating their magic for completed or long term means.
Whispers How the Nexus communicates.